(Artwork Conservation Services)

Separate from our air pollution health monitoring and modeling work, Atlas Sensing Labs in partnership with the Tsai Art and Science Foundation also provides art conservation specifically for the works of artist Wen-Ying Tsai.

As the second son of Wen-Ying Tsai, Ming Tsai from a young age assisted his father in the creation of his artworks spending many childhood afternoons and weekends in the studio. In fact, his first experiences of “field work” was helping his father with the installation of art exhibitions around the world. Tsai (known simply by his surname) was a pioneering avant-garde cybernetic artist who created works at the interface of art and science. These interactive works present an ideal–a harmonious relationship between sculpture, environment, and viewer. He maintained studios in New York and Paris and exhibited widely in Europe, USA, and the Far East. Follow this link to learn more about the work of the Tsai Foundation.

Conservation services currently can only be executed in either New York, USA or Basel, Switzerland. Please visit the Tsai Art and Science Foundation’s Conservation department for more details.