Air Quality Systems for Safe Shared Indoor Spaces and Environments

(Components of our air monitoring and control system.)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted our focus primarily towards addressing indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. Currently, there is significant and justified concern about shared work environments and public common spaces. Beyond large droplets (from sneezing and coughing), aerosols (smaller air suspended particles) have been observed to also be a route of disease transmission.

Our sensor nodes, that are designed to detect the generally lower outdoor/ambient pollutant levels, have been adapted to measuring indoor air quality with a focus on carbon dioxide (CO2). Beyond simply monitoring indoor air quality, we have also developed capabilities to control/improve IAQ. As a good indicator of air freshness, CO2 levels will be the primary metric in this automated control system; however, other pollutants and environmental factors will also play a role in the control algorithm.

Now, why an automated solution? In the domain of occupational safety and health, there is the concept of hierarchy of controls. As you can see in the inverted pyramid diagram, short of eliminating or substituting what you’re exposed to, the best solution is to have an engineering solution and the least desirable solution is to use personal protective equipment (PPE). Engineering controls do not require the individual to be primarily responsible; instead, a good engineered solution will relieve the individual of the burden of self-protection and allow them to focus on their work.

In terms of controlled devices that can effect a healthier indoor environment, there is a large number of options that can be custom selected by use case/budget including air purifiers, fans/ventilators, window openers, air disinfection, and heat recovery systems. The goal is to achieve a balance between a comfortable environment that is at the same time safe, energy efficient, and provides a good level of air freshness. To reassure occupants of indoor spaces of the air quality, we also provide dashboards clearly showing the current and recent air quality levels.

In the midst of this crisis, we believe that a major benefit of this custom solution is its relative affordability, adaptability, and quick implementation.

If these systems/services are of interest to you, please feel free to contact us.