Alsace Monitoring

“Measurement is the foundation of Exposure Science.”

–Richard A. Fenske

Monitoring is the basis of our work at Atlas Sensing Labs. We conduct measurements to understand whether existing levels of environmental pollutants are of concern to the general public, private individuals, workers, and sensitive populations (children, elderly, immuno-compromised). We measure in the ambient outdoor environment, indoor occupational areas, indoor private residences, in public spaces, and pretty much any environment where humans can be exposed to pollutants. Our focus is on air quality (both particles and gases), but we can also measure other pollutants such as noise.

We have a variety of monitoring methods and instruments ranging from: traditional integrated sampling (where samples are collected on media such as filters) and analyzed post-sampling to provide longer-term averages (week-long, month-long); as well as individual real-time digital sampling instruments that provide second resolution data; to fully networked systems of sensor nodes that provide their data to a central location where they are post-processed and available for real-time visualization and analysis. These latter systems can cover entire sections of indoor facilities or cover an entire urban area with a web of sensors. Depending on the question/problem of concern, the most relevant monitoring approach can be chosen with consideration of budget limitations.

If you have an environmental exposure concern, we’d be happy to discuss how Atlas Sensing Labs can help you monitor your environment and determine actual exposures. Through measurements and knowledge of people’s presence, we will understand potential health impacts and provide suggestions to lower exposure and improve environmental quality.